Naked Dating

The founders of this website have had a lot of fun “Naked Dating” for the past several years.  The rejection rate is quite high during approaches on regular dating sites for such “naked dating” requests therefore we felt it was time to bring some like-minded folks together under one website where Naked Dating is the norm.

From an innocent first dating experience at a local nude beach to more elaborate nudist vacations and resorts we hope members find each other for all their Naked Dating desires. Our hope is to maintain this free site to allow such connections to happen.

This website is not meant to replace your facebook.  In fact it isn’t very Zuckerbergy at all since its missing such features such as like and poke buttons etc. No FarmVille here either, sorry folks. But if you are seeking a friendly online spot to meet potential naked dating partners; then you’ve come to the right place!

We might eventually expand the site with some enhanced features if the members group grows large enough to justify additional development costs.  We will expand profiles, improve security settings etc down the road of this continuing development. The benefit of joining early is you can secure the shorter Jen and Bob usernames and not get stuck with Jen2000 and Bob1985 down the road when everything is working properly if its any consolation 😉

For now it’s a miracle the site has gone this far with our limited technical knowledge and funding. We wouldn’t want to tinker with chat rooms, apps etc just yet at the risk of blowing the site up on you great folks. For now its a basic site to meet open-minded naked daters. Therefore we encourage you folks to build your own groups and invite friends on your own since we have left tools in place to do so quite easily.

We hope you will grow with us as we get over some technical hurdles to continually improve the sites features. But the goal is to get folks meeting for Naked Dating ASAP and the site’s basic functionality already permits that at least!

For now its just a couple cool naked people putting this website together in hopes to connect others for naked fun. Welcome aboard and Enjoy!

Rock out with your things out!,
Team Naked Dating

9 responses to Naked Dating

  1. I am new. To this but if u want leave a message. 4 me

  2. If people are nervous to post pics post naked pics lol if there is no face attached it can be difficult for people who know you to pick you out!! After all guys and girls that’s why we are all here!!!

  3. Visit Toronto at 18 October for a businesstrip.
    Any Ladys here for to meet?

  4. Hi recently moved here from Ottawa (originally from Montréal). Looking for new friends and playmates. Saw this site and since I love being naked as much as possible, am happy to join.<

    Especially looking for like-minded women to accompany me at Oasis. Open to any fun adventure.

  5. @mark Me too and I see people keep joining. I will get brave to post pics when everyone else does too lol

  6. What I’ve been searching for ,for ages.

  7. Love naked RV travel and new people!

  8. Yee-hawwww!!!

  9. Sounds just great to me – long walk to the beach though! lol
    Hope to find others who will join me.